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Port Firebuino to META

While I added a fully working game ( Firebuino Meta port! thanks Jicehel, Krabbo, Sorunome and Steph in alphabethical order), this page is actually meant to be a tutorial for how to port a game from Gamebuino Classic to Meta. It addresses several things which are not part of the reference and might help aspiring game developers to do their first steps after finishing the academy.


  1. Get the game: (learn how to clone a project from github and what version control is)
  2. Care for your (integrated development) environment!
  3. Let - me - code!
  4. Where do we go from here?

Other interesting tutorials which might help you are: How to use github(by Chris-scientist):

If you know other interesting tutorials, just let me know in the comments on the gamebuino homepage and I will add them!

Please note that this Tutorial is still in development and therefore many essential parts missing. So stay tuned for more updates!

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